VicoVR motion controller

VicoVR is a bluetooth accessory that provides wireless full body motion and positional tracking to mobile VR without PC, wires, or wearable sensors. It is compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View and any other Android or iOS headset. VicoVR gaming system truly allows you to move freely within mobile gaming worlds!

Wireless Full Body Tracking
Positional Tracking Mobile HMD
Supports 1-2 Players
Supports Android and iOS

Full Body Motion Gaming

VicoVR solves one of the key problems of Mobile VR - the lack of Positional Tracking. It processes depth input inside the sensor and recognizes 19 body joints of two people in real time, works both for standing and sitting poses! The data is sent wirelessly to any Android or iOS HMD without consuming processing power of your Mobile HMD, because all processing is done inside VicoVR! No wires, no wearables, no PC or gaming consoles.

3D scanning and point cloud

Apart from positional and skeletal tracking, VicoVR is also capable of 3D scanning and capturing point clouds representing people in real time and wirelessly sending this data to any Android/iOS device. RGB added!

Get VicoVR

VicoVR consumer version is available for preorder.

VicoVR DevKit is available for purchase.